Blanket Weed Treatments

Blanket Weed Treatments

Blanket Weed Treatments

One of the more common is Spirogyra which has many common names including water silk, mermaid’s tresses, and blanket weed.

Blanket weed is a genus of filamentous charophyte green algae of the order Zygnematales, named for the helical or spiral arrangement of the chloroplasts that is characteristic of the genus.

Blanket Weed is commonly found in freshwater habitats, and there are more than 400 species of Spirogyra in the world. Spirogyra is capable of growing very quickly up to a length of two meters or more.

Fortunately with good water husbandry coupled with the correct use specific treatments available from Utopia Koi it is quite possible to regain control if you do have a blanket weed issue and get back to crystal clear water weed free water.

Utopia Koi Blanket Weed

Not to be confused with Planktonic Algae which is a different species altogether. Instead of long strands of algae planktonic algae tends to form small patches on the surface and causes the water to turn green. The use of an ultraviolet clarifier is used to irradiate planktonic algae.

  • Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed


    Evolution Aqua Stop Blanketweed is an effective water treatment to help eradicate filamentous algae, commonly known as blanket weed in ornamental and garden ponds.

    Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for all pond inhabitants.

    Blanket weed is one of the most hated problems of pond keeping and a nuisance to everyone as it makes your pond unsightly, blocks filters, pumps and pipes. Stop Blanketweed is a unique product which will kill and help prevent the regrowth of blanket weed if used as instructed.

    Evolution Aqua Stop Blanketweed is designed to inhibit blanket weed growth over the longer term as a preventative treatment.

    Recommended Dosage
    50g will treat 1500 Litres (330 gallons)
    1kg will treat 30,000 Litres (6,600 UK gallons)

    Place the correct amount of Stop Blanket weed in a suitable container filled with pond water in a suitable.

    Mix thoroughly and distribute evenly over the pond surface.

    Repeat the dosage once per week until blanket weed has died (usually 3 weeks). Continue monthly to prevent the blanket weed returning.

    If water temperature is below 8 degrees treatment efficiency is reduced.

  • Evolution Aqua Blanketweed


    Evolution Aqua Blanketweed is 100% fish, plant and wildlife safe and using it won’t negatively affect any beneficial bacteria or biological filters. It can be used in any ornamental ponds or closed bodies of freshwater and UV clarifiers do not need to be turned off when using it.

    Evolution Aqua Blanket weed is a product designed to kill blanket weed fast and effectively.

    Product Advice
    Evolution Aqua Blanketweed is an all-natural product that when added to your pond will turn pond water white and cloudy for up to five days, but water will clear.

    Evolution Aqua Blanketweed is most effective in ponds with moving water, from a pump, filter, fountain or waterfall, and strong surface agitation, or aeration from an air pump and air stone is recommended.

    The positive effects of using the product should be seen within 10 days of being added and its effectiveness will be significantly helped with the use of beneficial bacteria additives such as the Evolution Aqua Pond Bomb which will aid in the removal of surplus nutrients from the water which fuel future algae growth.

    Recommended Dosage
    Add one scoop of Evolution Aqua Blanketweed powder per 400 litres (88 UK gallons) of pond volume to a watering can. Stir and sprinkle the solution evenly over the pond surface.

    Evolution Aqua Blanketweed gets to work on your pond instantly. Repeat every 14 days as required.

    • 1 x 800g will treat a pond up to 10,000 litres (2,200 UK Gallons)
    • 3 x 800g will treat a pond up to 30,000 litres (6,000 UK Gallons)

  • Cloverleaf Blanket Weed Answer


    Blanket Weed Answer is the number one selling blanketweed treatment Koi ponds and aquascapes.

    Blanket Answer is safe for all fish, ultra violets filters and pumps must not be switched off.

    Extra care should be taken if river type fish are present such as * Orfe-Rudd-Roach-Sturgeon it is important to maintain a high level of saturated oxygen if present, it is recommended to add a half dose to the pond allow 2-3 days then apply the second half monitoring the pond conditions and River fish.

    The pond water is safe for all healthy animals and birds to drink from, for best results Blanket Answer should be used in a constant water temperatures of 10 deg C and above.

    Blanket Answer can be used at lower temperatures but results will vary and cannot be guaranteed also working timescales will be extended.

    The pond water will take on a milky appearance after application this may last 4-7 days depending on the pond conditions, over the next 7-10 days the blanket weed will disappear it may be necessary to add a top up dose to some ponds to finally remove all the blanket weed.

    Blanket Answer can be added as required to maintain a blanket weed free pond and in most cases one treatment will be sufficient but in stubborn cases we recommend a regular small top up dose every 3-5 weeks.

    After using Blanket Answer we recommend adding a bacteria boost such as a pond bomb once the blanket weed has gone this will help to maintain a healthy balance in the pond by adding a unique culture of live bacteria to combat water pollution, this product is safe for all fish and the water is safe for all animals and birds.

    Directions for use
    Add Blanket Answer to a watering can of pond water sufficient water to evenly spread the required dose around the pond to be treated.

    It is recommended to use a set of kitchen scales and to use 80grams of Blanket Answer to 1000 Litres ( 220 UK Gallons ) of pond water to obtain a more accurate treatment.

    Blanket Answer is only effective against “Blanket Weed” it will not clear green water or duck weed.

  • Pond Zinger


    The Pond Zinger™ is a pond clarification product designed and formulated for ponds.

    The pond Zinger is made of safe, non toxic, polymers that safely remove phosphates from your pond water helping create a healthy ecosystem with clean, clear, beautiful water, where aquatic life can thrive.

    Attached to a fountain, bubbler, aerator, the steps of a waterfall, or at the end of a filter system, the Pond Zinger™ slowly dissolves, releasing its components into the pond where excess nutrients, such as Phosphorous, bind together and settle out.

    The result is improved pond water quality in terms of clarity, reduced phosphates which act as plant fertiliser for the algae in you pond, odor control, decreased suspended solids, and metal discolouration removal.

    The created sediments can then be removed via your pond filtration system. Independent studies have shown that the Pond Zinger™ can remove up to 75-85% phosphorus from pond!

    One Pond Zinger can treat up to 45,000 litres of pond water (9,900 UK Gallons).


  • Pond Log


    Pond Logs® can be used to remove turbidity and inanimate nutrients from the water to clean dirty water and reduce aquatic life toxicity and remove the Phosphate that helps blanket weed grow making this an excellent preventative water treatment. Ideal for use after a traditional blanket weed eradication treatment.

    Dirty water decreases the amount of oxygen in the water causing stress to fish and other aquatic life.

    How It Works:
    Pond Logs are designed to work in flowing conditions. As water moves over and around the log, it slowly dissolves, releasing its components into the water column causing excess inanimate nutrients, such as phosphorous, to bind together. As they bind together, the particulate gets heavier and heavier and then settles to the bottom of the pond or is filtered out.

    It is important to note that Pond Logs do not remove all the inanimate nutrients, just enough to create a healthy ecosystem.

    Pond Logs typically result in a 75-90% reduction of phosphorus.

    Pond Logs are safe for fish.

    Pond Logs treat between 325,000 to 500,000 gallons of water

    Pond Longs can be installed above an aerator, under a floating fountain, on the steps of a waterfall or with any circulation mechanism. The water must be moving over and around the Pond Products for them to work.


  • Air Aqua Green Control


    Green Control is revolutionary product that is a completely natural organic product designed to safely combat algae and to control the water quality whist being free of algaecide’s, Zinc oxide or copper compounds.

    Green Control extracts the nutrients the algae need to grow from the water.

    Green Control is suitable for Koi ponds as well as swimming ponds and is harmless to humans and animals. Water turbidity disappears with Green Control helping to create a crystal clear pond.

    How Does Green Control work?
    Special chelating agents absorb nutrients from the water and make them accessible to algae and aquatic plants. Even previously present deposits of heavy metals are dissolved and converted into a nutrient. In combination with the chelates, the fruit acids introduced create a stable carbonate hardness. When using Green Control, phosphate deposits are also bound, which are then made available to the algae as the carrier of the nutrient. The bound nutrient is absorbed by the algae and penetrates deep into the lime structure of the algae. This dissolves the lime structure of the algae, causing the algae to die.

    By using Green Control, the phosphate level of the water increases, which is caused by the binding of all the nutrients that are present in the water. This has no disadvantages for fish, plants and other aquatic life as well as for birds, dogs, cats, etc. This measurable total phosphate content benefits the water plants as a nutrient but is not useful for the algae, which consequently leads to the death of the algae.

    Technical Summary:

    • Green Control enriches the water with valuable minerals, improves the health of fish, stimulates the appetite and improves colour development.
    • Green Control increases oxygen levels and can also be used below 10C.
    • Green Control is free from algicide, biocide, zinc oxide and copper compounds.
    • Green Control is also suitable for swimming ponds and is harmless to humans and animals.
    • Green Control is phosphate free.

    Recommended Dosage of Green Control
    Initial Dosage – 25g per 1000 litres.

    Repeat Initial Dosage of 25g per 1000 litres after 10 days and repeat this dosage for a total of 3 times over 30 days.

    Subsequent use – 25g per 1000 laters once a month.

    Spread Green Control in the water and distribute evenly over the pond. Green Control doesn’t need to be dissolved in water in advance.


  • Microbe Lift Barley Straw Extract


    All the Benefits of Concentrated Barley Straw Extract PLUS Added Liquid Peat To Help Maintain An Ideal pH in Alkaline Ponds! Peat is acidic so will help raise the pH in your pond if it is more Alkaline than you desire.

    Barley Straw Extract is safe for aquatic life, plants and pets.

    Microbe Lift barley straw is rich in organic peat which softens pond water-reducing nitrate and phosphate concentrations in the water column-and provides a buffering agent and ion attenuation in lined ponds that additionally helps gives them some of beneficial properties of earthen ponds!

    • Matures pond water chemistry
    • Buffers pH
    • Releases decomposition by-products immediately
    • Works year round
    • Recommended for use in conjunction with all bacterial and enzymatic pond supplement products
    • Specially formulated to naturally balance pond water and improve clarity

    Unlike natural barley straw, the extract goes to work straight away.

    Recommended dosage per 1000 UK gallons (4546 UK Gallons)
    Week 1 – 60ML
    Week 2 – 60ML
    Week 3 – 30ML
    Week 4 – 30ML

    There after 50ML every three weeks to help maintain a clean and clear algae free pond.

    If your pond is unfiltered and has turbid water the dosage rate should be increased by 50%.

    view product video

  • Microbe Lift Barley Straw Pellets


    100% Natural & Organic Ingredients Specially Formulated To Naturally Balance Pond Water & Improve Water Clarity.

    Barley straw pellets are a major scientific breakthrough enriched with peat and humic acid, this revolutionary formula works faster & better with Less Mess & Cost and is easier to apply than straw bales, pillows and pads!

    • Matures pond water chemistry
    • Disperses quickly by simple broadcast of pellets into the pond or packing in a porous fabric sock and suspending in pond or available chamber in skimmer or filter
    • Buffers pH
    • Releases decomposition by-products immediately
    • Works year round
    • Recommended for use in conjunction with all bacterial and enzymatic pond supplement products

    MICROBE-LIFT Barley Straw Pellets + is an environmentally responsible, cost-efficient pond conditioner that is a natural and organic way to a healthy pond environment! Barley straw and selected natural peats have been processed and packaged to make them easy and clean to apply. Manufactured using an exclusive proprietary pelleting process that eliminates the use of wheat, corn and other binders, the barley straw is harvested and stored under climatic conditions that assure the quality of these essential ingredients.

    Barley Straw Pellets + works in much the same way as barley straw…only faster! Whereas barley straw works by releasing certain natural chemicals as it biodegrades, so do the pellets Barley Straw Pellets +, only the breakdown compounds are released faster dispersing equally throughout the water; reacting photochemically with sunlight; and activating humic acids to produce hydrogen peroxide-an oxidising agent that also helps to keep the water clear-naturally and at a low level of release. The humic acid will also chelate metals such as copper or arsenic.

    Barley Straw Pellets + are rich in organic peat which softens pond water-reducing nitrate and phosphate concentrations in the water column-and provides a buffering agent and ion attenuation in lined ponds that additionally gives them some beneficial properties of earthen ponds!

    Recommended dosage – 1kg treats 250 UK gallons for 12 months.


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