Micro Bead Filter

Evolution Aqua Micro Bead Filter

What are bead filters?

The Evolution Micro Bead Filter is different. Here’s a brief explanation of why they are different, better and how they work. 

Conventional bead filters are a closed pressure vessels which are generally filled with thousands of tinny plastic beads. These beads are packed very close together and form a layer the water is forced through by a water pump. As the water passes through the beads dirt particles are caught in the between the beads resulting in your pond water being cleaned.

Mechanical filtration and biological filtration is performed by a bead filter. This is because friendly filter bacteria stick to the beads and break down harmful substances such as ammonium, nitrite and nitrate.

Historically bead filters demand the use of high pressure pumps to force the water through the compacted beads making them expensive to run in the modern climate of high electricity costs.

Why Is the Evolution Aqua K1 Micro Filter special?

The Micro Bead filtration systems completely re-invent the way we think about bead filters.

K1 Micro Bead filtration systems are a range of pressurised filters that deliver incredible levels of filtration for Koi ponds.

Micro Bead filters take advantage of Evolution Aqua’s revolutionary Micro K1 media instead of using conventional beads allowing these filters to offer superior biological and mechanical filtration never before offered by a pressurised bead filtration system.

K1 Micro Bead Filter Range

The K1 Micro filter media has a protected surface area of 950m2 per m3. This protected surface area safely houses friendly filter bacteria and prevents them from being flushed to waste during a cleaning cycle. Only dead bacteria and waste debris will be discharged during the cleaning cycle resulting in minimal Ammonia and Nitrite spikes after maintenance keeping the parameters of your pond healthy and stable.

The K1 Micro Bead filter has been designed to allow an unrestricted flow of water through the unit meaning a lower wattage pump can be used meaning a lower amount of electricity used and a cost saving.

K1 micro bead cutaway diagram

All in all, the K1 Micro Bead filters offer unsurpassed mechanical filtration, tremendous biological performance in a very easy to use, compact filtration system.

  • Micro Bead Filter


    Evolution Aqua innovation in water logo

    The Micro Bead filter from Evolution Aqua is a filtration systems that combines both mechanical filtration to remove debris from the water ensuring the water is kept crystal clear and biological filtration to help maintain a healthy, stable eco-system.

    Micro Bead filters are a pressurised filter system allowing easy installation of the filter above or below the water level. Ideally suited to garden ponds, Koi ponds or natural swimming ponds.

    The Micro Bead filter offers a mess free filter cleaning regime that only takes a few minutes to complete when required to keep the filter maintained and performing optimally.

    Designed to incorporate modern, real world concerns such as power consumption and lack of physical space in modern houses with smaller garages and gardens where space is at a premium and unsightly large filters aren’t wanted. The overall foot print for Micro Bead filter range has been kept to a minimum without affecting performance. This is made possible because of the revolutionary K1 Micro media utilised within the filter offering huge biological capability and a free flow design.

    The free flow design of the filter allows the use of low pressure water pumps which are much more economical to run consuming less electricity than conventional water pumps which historically has not been possible with pressure filters.

    The Micro Bead filter offers superb water filtration whilst being compact in size and easy to install. It can be cleaned in a mater of a few minutes without any mess or getting your hands immersed in dirty pond water. A superb all in one filtration solution. 

    Specification Summary :

    • Improved biological filtration
    • Superior mechanical filtration to keep water crystal clear
    • Improved water flow
    • Reduced back pressure allowing the use of energy efficient water pumps
    • Utilising the revolutionary K1 Micro Filter media

    Available in 4 sizes allowing the Micro Bead range of filters to be perfectly matched with ponds sized up 91,000 litres or 20,000 UK gallons.

    K1 Micro Bead Manual

    K1 Micro Bead Dimensions

    K1 Micro Bead Cleaning Instructions

    view product video
    K1 Micro Bead 20 18,000 Litres
    4,000 UK Gallons
    4,800 US Gallons
    20″ 50 Litres 1 1/4″ 200W
    K1 Micro Bead 24 36,000 Litres
    8,000 UK Gallons
    9,600 US Gallons
    24″ 100 Litres 2″ 300W
    K1 Micro Bead 30 54,500 Litres
    12,000 UK Gallons
    14,500 US Gallons
    30″ 150 Litres 2″ 300W
    K1 Micro Bead 36 91,000 Litres
    20,000 UK Gallons
    24,000 US Gallons
    36″ 250 Litres 2″ 300W


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