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Pond Vacuums & Cleaning Equipment

Pond Vacuums & Cleaning Equipment

Pond Vacuums & Cleaning Equipment

Cleanliness is next to godliness as the saying goes but vacuuming your pond or water feature? Really? Yes indeed.

At Utopia Koi we recognise the need to clean and maintain your pond, steam or aquascape so it looks as stunning as the day it was built. To that end we have a superb range of well designed reliable vacuums and other useful products to help make the task as quick and fuss free as possible.

  • Blanket Weed Brush


    A Blanket Weed Brush designed to reach those difficult areas in your pond and filter system.

    Designed with a sturdy aluminium pole and nylon bristles the Blanket Weed Brush is a superb cleaning utensil to help remove blanket weed and unsightly algae build up among other things.


  • Telescopic Extension Pole


    Telescopic Extension Pole | A standard pool click system extension pole is an essential piece of equipment for an avid pond or water garden enthusiast. It comes in two sizes a 4 ft – 8 ft and the popular 6 ft – 12 ft.

    Manufactured to the highest standard to offer many years of service.

    The Telescopic Extension Pole featuring constructed from high-quality anodised aluminium ensuring there will be no rust no.

    Koi handling is an everyday part of keeping Koi. Its essential to have the correct equipments to be able to move and handle your fish correctly and with ease causing them and you the minimal amount of stress.

    Utopia Koi has a select range of nets, bowls, Koi socks and quarantine ponds which will allow you to carry out every scenario with ease.

    Ensure the net that you select has a long enough pole to enable you to reach the bottom of the pond and the other side without having to run all around your pond. Obviously it goes without saying that the net pan needs to be large enough to accommodate your targets fish. Remember they grow so if your unsure get the larger net.