Pond Vacuums & Cleaning Equipment

Pond Vacuums & Cleaning Equipment

Cleanliness is next to godliness as the saying goes but vacuuming your pond or water feature? Really? Yes indeed.

At Utopia Koi we recognise the need to clean and maintain your pond, steam or aquascape so it looks as stunning as the day it was built. To that end we have a superb range of well designed reliable vacuums and other useful products to help make the task as quick and fuss free as possible.

  • Blanket Weed Brush


    A Bottle brush designed to reach those difficult areas in your pond and filter system.

    Designed with a sturdy aluminium pole and nylon bristles it is a superb cleaning utensil to help remove blanket weed and unsightly algae build up among other things.


  • Telescopic Extension Pole


    A standard pool click system extension pole is an essential piece of equipment for an avid pond or water garden enthusiast. It comes in two sizes a 4 ft – 8 ft and the popular 6 ft – 12 ft.

    Manufactured to the highest standard to offer many years of service.

    The telescopic pole featuring constructed from high-quality anodised aluminium ensuring there will be no rust no.

  • Leaf Bag Net


    A Leaf Bag Net is an essential item which will be used time and time again to keep your pond or aquascape clean and clear of debris ad fallen leaves.

    Super strong and lightweight ensuring that the frame remains rigid whist in use.

    The large leaf grabbing net is made from durable, sun and chemical resistant mesh that is capable of removing and holding large volumes of leaves and other debris.

    Complete with a quick-release, snap in handle that fits our telescopic poles.


  • Cleaning Brush


    The 18” cleaning brush has been especially moulded with rounded corners and no sharp edges making it perfect for use on all ponds and aquascape’s whether they are concrete, fibreglass, or liner pools.

    The brush is equipped with thick, nylon bristles capable of removing the most stubborn dirt and stains.

    Manufactured to a high standard allowing years of serviceable use supplied complete with snap in quick release fitting it will fit the standard telescopic poles sold by Utopia Koi.


  • Pressure Washer Vacuum adaptor


    A great invention that turns every standard high pressure washer into a professional pond vacuum cleaner!

    So You may ask how does this work ? The pressure washer creates a strong back pressure by means of a special nozzle. This back pressure will take out sludge and other sediments on the bottom but does not take out substrates, lava, gravel, plants, etc.! The cleaner has a brush to scrub off algae.

    Standard “pool click” system for telescope handles.

    The waste water hose has a connection of 40mm and standard high quality flexible hose can be used to carry the dirty water to waste.

    A great advantage, when compared to vacuum cleaners with a built in pump, is that this cleaner can be held above the water level without losing the suction.

    Available with male or female connection depending on your pressure washer.

    M22 Male threaded connector.

    M22 Female threaded socket.

  • Oase Pondovac Classic


    The Oase Pondovac Classic is a superb vacuum capable of handling sludge and other debris that ends up in your water feature, stream or aquascape.

    The pondovac sucks up sludge and debris unto 10mm in size and collects it in its 27 litre tank. Once the tank is full the pondovac switches off the motor automatically and allows the sludge and dirty water to drain out of the inbuilt holding tank automatically. The whole process takes around 30 seconds and then the cleaning process automatically begins again.

    Technical Summary:

    • 1400 watt Motor
    • Maximum suction depth of 2m
    • 2m discharge hose – 4m suction hose
    • Removes solids up to 10mm
    • 4 nozzles
    • Comes with a debris collection bag
    • 2 Years + 1 Year warranty

    Supplied complete with:

    • String algae nozzle for removal of blanketweed and algae
    • Crevice tool nozzle for getting in between rocks and crevices
    • Wide flat nozzle for removing sludge and fine sediment
    • Adjustable floor nozzle for removing general coarser debris up to 10mm in diameter

    The Oase Pondovac Classic is the perfect affordable solution to help you keep your pond or water feature in perfect condition looking fantastic.

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  • Oase Pondovac 4


    The Oase Pondovac 4 from launched in 2016 makes cleaning your pond or aquascape easy and hasslefree.

    The two cylinder design are filled and emptied in alternating cycles, meaning that unlike with a lot of other vacuums you are able to clean sucking dirty water whilst the vacuum empties at the same time so you don’t have to stop and empty the vacuum.

    The waste debris and dirty water flows through a discharge pipe which you can aim either down the drain or onto your flowerbeds making an excellent fertiliser!). Alternatively you can return the water to your pond by attaching the included debris collection bag to the discharge hose and positioning this within your pond. The debris collection bag will filter the water and retain the debris which can then be disposed of later.

    Pondovac 4 makes the previously time consuming task of vacuuming your pond quick and easy!

    Designed with practicality in mind. The transport handle and wheels make it easy to manoeuvre around your garden and it is easy and compact to store.

    The extendable handle allows you to reach different depths up to 2.4m deep and the nozzle enables you to pick up solids ranging from 2mm up to 10mm.

    Technical Summary:

    • Two chamber system means non-stop cleaning
    • 2.4m suction depth
    • High performance 1700w with optimised blade geometry
    • Hand regulator and transparent suction tube for easily adjusting the suction power
    • Robust aluminium suction tubes
    • 5 nozzle attachments for ultimate versatility; special string algae nozzle, universal nozzle – wide, wet suction nozzle, brush nozzle, area nozzle with rollers and brush
    • Easy to move with transport handle and wheels
    • Range of accessories available
    • 2 Years + 1 Year warranty
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  • Oase Pondovac 5


    The Oase Pondovac 5 is a high performance pond vacuum with innovative features such as a pumped waste outlet that makes the unit capable of pumping waste water uphill instead of having to rely on a gravity discharge as with other models in Oase Pondovac range of pond vacuum.

    Increased waste capacity by up to 40% and a a powerful pump capable of sucking up to 8 litres per hour enabling ponds and streams to be cleaned quickly and efficiently with the least amount of mess and hassle.

    Technical Summary:

    • High power – 8000 lph.
    • Suction Depth – 2.5m.
    • Continuous running and uninterrupted vacuuming thanks to integrated waste discharge pump that even pumps discharge dirty water uphill up to 2 metres in height.
    • 5 metre suction hose.
    • 10m discharge hose with C couplings on both ends allowing for easy connection and removal.
    • Good ground clearance and rubberised wheels for easy movement even on rough ground.
    • Accessories come as standard including 4 robust aluminium tubes and 5 nozzle attachments; special string algae nozzle, universal nozzle. Wide, wet suction nozzle, brush nozzle, large area nozzle with rollers and brush and a debris collection bag.
    • 2 Years + 1 Year warranty
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