Koi Nets & Pond Nets

Koi Nets & Pond Nets

  • Norfine Koi Nets


    Norfine Koi Nets are extremely well made nets that will give many years of service if looked after providing a lifetimes capability to net your Koi when required.

    Norfine Koi Nets are available in a range of net pan sizes and with or without a pole to suit most requirements.

    They are made right here in the UK and in our opinion are one of the best manufacture of nets available and are used extensively by us at Utopia Koi.

    Norfine nets are available as:

    • Cull pan nets
    • Rectangular nets
    • Circular nets
    • D shaped nets
    • Fast flow nets
    • Aluminium telescopic poles

  • Koi Handeling Socks


    Koi Handeling Socks are an invaluable piece of Koi handling equipments used to transfer Koi from nets to their final destination such as a measuring bowl or quarantine pond.

    The Koi Enters the Koi Handeling Socks opening head first until the fish is completed inside the Koi sock. Koi socks can either be water tight or allow water to drain depending on the type you purchase but the idea is simple. They prevent the koi from jumping or wriggling free and being dropped damaging them selves allowing the safe transfer without the fish being damaged.

    At Utopia Koi we recognise that our customers require equipment at a variety of price ranges. The Norfine nets offer superb value and are available in a variety of diameters in the non water proof mesh type Koi sock which as the name suggests does not hold water but simply allows the fish to be moved without the fear of it jumping from a standard net. At the upper end of the spectrum the Japanese waterproof Koi sock used in Japan by all the Koi breeders is superbly made and waterproof allowing the fish to be kept suspended in water whilst being moved thus ensuring body weight of the fish doesn’t cause any internal bruising or damage.

    Available in:

    • Norfine Transfer sock 9” (23cm) Diameter – Not Waterproof
    • Norfine Transfer sock 11” (28cm) Diameter – 25cm Handle – Not Waterproof
    • Norfine Transfer sock 15” (38cm) Diameter – 45cm Dowel Handle – Not Waterproof
    • Norfine Transfer sock 12” (30cm) Diameter – Waterproof
    • Japanese Transfer Sock 12” (30cm) Diameter – Waterproof

  • Norfine Zippy Isolation Net


    The Norfine Zippy Isolation Net is a superb way to hold Koi for short periods of time. The floating nets have four zips so the nets opening aperture allows fish to be quickly and easily transferred into and out of the holding net.

    The bottom corners of the net are weighted so the holding net keeps its internal volume under water.

    The pipework frame is sold separately. We recommend using 1” PVCU pipework which is cut to length and pushed together but left unglued so that the holding net can be collapsed and stored when not in use.

    The Norfine Zippy Holding nets are pretty much identical to the holding nets used in japan and used extensively by Utopia Koi.

    Available in:

    • Medium Zippy Net (60cm x 60cm x 60cm)
    • Large Zippy Net (91cm x 91cm x 76cm)

  • Velda Pond Net


    The Velda Pond Net is extremely well made and offer excellent protection from seasonal weather blowing leaves and other unwanted objects into your pond as well as animal intruder protection.

    • Very finely-woven.
    • Reinforced edge band. for superior strength.
    • Strong holding rings.
    • Includes pegs.

    Catching net
    The cover net will prevent leaves and branches from being blown into the pond in autumn. Consequently there will be less decaying material in the pond over the winter period and less maintenance will be required.

    Deterrence of herons
    Applying a Velda Pond Net will deter herons and other intruders. helping to keep potentially harmful pests away from your Koi.

    Owing to its finely-woven structure, firm reinforced band all around the net and the strong holding rings, the net is a extremely durable and with care should offer many years of use.

    Sizes Available:

    • 3m x 2m
    • 6m x 3m
    • 6m x 5m
    • 6m x 10m


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Pond liner calculator

Use our simple Pond Liner Calculator to estimate the liner and/or underlay size required for your pond.

The result allows for an overlay either side of 30cms. You may wnat to increase or decrease this value depending on your pnd installation.

If you're not sure on what size you need then contact us and we can help.

Measurements are entered in meters. As an example if your pond is 254cm deep at its deepest enter 2.54.

The liner dimensions for your pond including a 30cm over lap are:

Liner length:

Liner width:

An interesting fact for you. The water volume of your pond will be:


UK gallons:

Rectangle Pond Volume calculator

Pond Diagram

Measure the length of your pond, the width of your pond and the depth of your pond in meters and enter the measurements into the Utopia Koi easy to use pond volume calculator. This will give the volume in litres.

If you're not sure on what size you need then contact us and we can help.

Measurements are to be entered in meters, for example: 543cm would be entered as 5.43.

The water volume of your pond will be:

Volume in Litres:

Volume in UK gallons:

Circular Pond Volume calculator

Radius Diagram

Measure the diameter of your pond (the distance across the pond at its centre) then divide the diameter in two to get the radius of your pond.

Now measure the depth of your pond and enter the measurements into the Utopia Koi easy to use circular pond volume calculator.

If you're not sure on what size you need then contact us and we can help.

Measurements are to be entered in meters, for example: 543cm would be entered as 5.43.

The water volume of your pond will be:

Volume in Litres:

Volume in UK gallons:

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