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Everybody that has kept Koi or indeed any kind of fish will be aware of the difficulties involved keeping your beloved fish in pristine condition. One day your sitting enjoying them thinking that they look fantastic and the very next day having done nothing differently you look at your pond and the fish are sitting sulking on the bottom of the pond or you notice some raised scales.

Then that sinking feeling hits you. Yes we all get it!

Fish treatments and protocols are very controversial and there is huge amounts of miss information all over the internet with every koi keeper believing he or she is Dr Doolittle.

First and foremost we would highly recommend that you find an exotic animal specialist vet. Don’t wait until your fish is on deaths door to try and find one but find one as soon as you decide to keep Koi so that you are prepared when they become sick. Don’t kid your self here because they will become sick at some point and you will be very pleased you found a vet that is willing to help you in advance.

Not all vets will offer services for fish and some will insist you take the fish to their veterinary practice which is pretty unrealistic in most cases so it is difficult finding a vet that will help and offers a usable service.

This is probably the best advice you could be given. “ Be prepared and find a good veterinarian in advance of any issue”.

Kusuri Chloramine T & Kusuri medication product bundle

Utopia Koi recognises the difficulty in obtaining accurate advice and help especially when you are new to the hobby of Koi keeping. In order to help combat the steep luurning curve Utopia Koi offers a special subscription service which includes a support token system for one to one help and advice when you need it as well as many other great benefits.

The Utopian is an excellent source of accurate help and advice coupled with special offers and discounts as well as blogs and vlogs all designed to make the hobby of Koi keeping easier and more fun whether your a beginner or an hardened Koi enthusiast with a stunning collection of fish.

Koi are living animals, They have crazy moments darting round the pond or from time to time they will flash or even have a little splash round or a jump. Thats fish for you and it doesn’t necessarily mean its dying and you need to reach for the strongest chemical available and nuke the pond. First things first. Watch and observe.

If the fish in question has just had a crazy 5 minutes you’ll see it will return to normal and no further action is needed.

Kusuri Formalin Malachite Premix & Celestron Labs CM800 microscope

If your still unsure and want to give your self peace of mind the first thing to check are your water parameters. You’l here this one until your sick of it but we are water keepers not fish keepers. Keep your water in top condition and your fish will stand a much better chance of remaining healthy. There are many water testing solutions and at Utopia Koi we are able to supply everything you will require. Check out our water testing equipment.

Once you have ascertained that your water parameters are all as they should be or you have rectified any issues and your still concerned about a fish then at that point out comes the microscope.

Using a microscope and doing a scrape is daunting the first time but once you’ve done it a few times it becomes second nature. Again at Utopia Koi we are able to supply a great range of microscopes. Identifying the issues causing your fish to be unwell allows the correct treatment to be added to the pond or topical treatment to be applied to your fish enabling the fish to recover quickly and fully.

Its always advisable to keep a range of treatments because as with most illnesses treating the condition quickly before the condition worsens allows for a much smoother recovery.

We have a large range to treatments available all of which are used from time to time by us (yes even Koi dealers have sick fish from time to time) so we are confident that the treatments we offer for sale do what they are designed to do with the minimum of fuss.

Utopia Koi Medication

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Pond liner calculator

Use our simple Pond Liner Calculator to estimate the liner and/or underlay size required for your pond.

The result allows for an overlay either side of 30cms. You may wnat to increase or decrease this value depending on your pnd installation.

If you're not sure on what size you need then contact us and we can help.

Measurements are entered in meters. As an example if your pond is 254cm deep at its deepest enter 2.54.

The liner dimensions for your pond including a 30cm over lap are:

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Liner width:

An interesting fact for you. The water volume of your pond will be:


UK gallons:

Rectangle Pond Volume calculator

Pond Diagram

Measure the length of your pond, the width of your pond and the depth of your pond in meters and enter the measurements into the Utopia Koi easy to use pond volume calculator. This will give the volume in litres.

If you're not sure on what size you need then contact us and we can help.

Measurements are to be entered in meters, for example: 543cm would be entered as 5.43.

The water volume of your pond will be:

Volume in Litres:

Volume in UK gallons:

Circular Pond Volume calculator

Radius Diagram

Measure the diameter of your pond (the distance across the pond at its centre) then divide the diameter in two to get the radius of your pond.

Now measure the depth of your pond and enter the measurements into the Utopia Koi easy to use circular pond volume calculator.

If you're not sure on what size you need then contact us and we can help.

Measurements are to be entered in meters, for example: 543cm would be entered as 5.43.

The water volume of your pond will be:

Volume in Litres:

Volume in UK gallons:

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