Utopia Koi Show & Grow Competition 2019 26 April 2019

1st Place – Most Growth – £850.00 Utopia Koi Vouchers

1st Place – Best development – £850.00 Utopia Koi Vouchers

Above all we want the Utopia show & grow to be FUN, FUN , FUN !

It’s an opportunity for us to interact closely with everybody taking part and have a  great competition spanning 12 months which allows time for the Koi to grow and develop.

Being an expert koi keeper isn’t essential and the competition can be a superb way to discuss Koi keeping and learn from other members of the competition. Above all we want the competition to be friendly and enjoyable.

For some inspiration here’s the winning fish from the 2017 competition which was judged in May 2018. A great achievement and example of Koi husbandry with the Koi finishing at a mahoooosive 63cm.


Variety   Ai Goromo, kajaku & Ginrin Showa 

Approximate start Size of the fish  


Fish Specifics 

The fish will be great quality, healthy tosai with good genetics but we have to be realistic and agree that they aren’t supposed to be show quality jumbo tosai for a grow & show competition. 

Every effort will be made to supply excellent fish.

Number of contestants

Limited to only 20 places to keep the competition small and informal.

Entry Cost 

£225 per ticket 


Any contestant that purchases 2 or more tickets will receive a voucher code for 5% off all dry goods available from the new Utopia Koi website. The voucher code will be valid from May 2019 to May 2020.

Fish delivery 

End May / Start June 2019


Prize 1 – Most growth – £850 Utopia Koi Vouchers. The fish will be measured and videoed by the contestant showing the nose clearly at 0cm and the tail end clearly against a size rule.

Prize 2 – Best Development – £850 Utopia Koi Vouchers – Judged by Utopia Koi. This is a subjective decision so the decision of Utopia Koi is final. 

Utopia Koi vouchers will be valid against dry goods and fish sold by Utopia Koi.

Selection Order 

The ticket / name will be placed in a tombola (yes a proper one this year) and drawn at random. The process will be videoed and shared with the group.

Selection process 

A box of mixed tosai will be purchased by Utopia Koi in Japan during the spring trip. A video will be shared with the group.

After the fish are fully quarantined Utopia Koi will select 5 more fish than tickets sold so even the last person to select has 6 fish to choose from.

The fish will be videoed and measured individually and a video will be hosted on the new Utopia Koi youtube channel to view.

Selection will take place during one evening. Probably a Saturday or Sunday night and selection will be carried out one by one in turn. A maximum of 20 minutes per selection will be allowed.

All fish will be shipped for delivery the week following selection on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Utopia Koi Selecting Murusho Tosai

Utopia Koi Selecting Murusho Tosai

The boring bit – T’s & C’s

If a contestant misses the fish selection for any reason Utopia Koi will select a fish on the contestants behalf to the best of our ability.

Unfortunately sometimes with fish issues occur. Fish become sick and sometimes die.

Utopia Koi understands this and as a gesture to try and keep everybody in the competition Utopia Koi will provide up to a maximum of 4 replacement fish for the group limited to 1 per person. The offer is extended for a period of 4 weeks from the delivery date. The contestant will be responsible for the shipping cost of £25

No refunds of competition ticket sales will be offered or granted under any circumstance.

Competition tickets are non transferable to other products or services if the replacement koi is not required or selection is missed.

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