Utopia Koi Grow & Show 2019 Koi Selection 8 June 2019

Marusho Koi Farm

Well time fly’s and its now nearly 7 weeks since the grown and show fish landed in the UK. They have been fully quarantined to the highest standard and its now time for this years contestants to select their chosen fish.


The entry cost this year was set at £225.00 There is a prize for most growth – £850.00 Utopia Koi Vouchers There is also a prize for best development – £850.00 Utopia Koi Vouchers For this years competition we thought we would use some more unusual koi and hand selected some superb Goromo, Kajaku and Ginrin Showa from Marusho Koi Farm.

Good luck to all and we look forward to seeing these fantastic little tosai grow and develop over the next year.

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