Tosai, Nisai, Sansai & what these Koi terms mean 4 October 2019

The age of Koi Carp and the Japanese term applied to the age of Koi can be confusing, so in this quick Vlog our aim is to clarify and dispel any misunderstanding.

Quite often when Koi are sold they are sold with the Japanese term for the fish’s age and this can sometime confuse those new to the hobby and at Utopia Koi we feel that knowing the age of the Koi you are buying should be clear and understood.

Tosai are generally not sold under 8 months of age by Utopia Koi because young fish have an undeveloped immune system and take more care and attention to look after. We feel fish younger that 8 months of age are too young to be sold and kept healthy easily.

Utopia Koi specialises in selling Tosai of exceptional quality which generally become available during spring time which we classify as April and May of each year. This is the best time of the year to buy Tosai and we travel to Japan at this time of the year to hunt down the very best examples we are able to find.

Older fish such as Nisai and Sansai are available at all times of the year and good examples of fish are always available at Utopia Koi.

At Utopia Koi we are privileged to have Koi of exceptional quality, but please understand we aren’t elitist and have a range of fish to suit most budget. The Tosai we sell start at under £50 and move upwards in price. We have older, larger fish starting at £149 moving into the thousands to suit even the most demanding Koi enthusiast looking to win prizes on the Koi show scene.

Why not check out some of the fish we have for sale?

The Koi on our website represent only a small selection of fish we have available and are fish that we have photographed for the website as examples. If your looking for a specific variety of fish please don’t hesitate to contact us because the chances are we may have one and if not we can definitely find your dream fish on one of our regular trips to Japan.

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