Help & Advice for Ponds and Pond Equipment 1 October 2019

So You Want To Build a Koi Pond ?

We know what it’s like to build a Koi pond for the first time. Even thought we’ve kept Koi for decades and have run Utopia Koi for over 6 years we are human and can still remember that feeling the first time we filled pond number one with water and turned on the filtration. Fingers and toes crossed. The question racing round our heads….. Will it work ?

Two decades later we are now in the privileged position of having been involved in some of the finest Koi pond builds around which we consider a blessing. Being able to enjoy the hobby and help others learn and develop their passion for Koi is a fantastic thing.

We Do Understand

At Utopia Koi we understand that some of our customers know exactly what they want so we’ve designed our website to make the process of buying your chosen products as fast and easy as possible. An enjoyable experience from the initial search all the way through to the checkout and payment. Well, maybe not the payment part but you know what we mean ……

Both Sides Of The Coin

On the other side of the coin there are lots of people that want help deciding what equipment to buy and how best to install it. Is this filter better than that filter and what advantage does this have over that. A mine field and with so many choices it’s easy to get wrong.

The Big Dilemma 

So the dilemma on our side is how do we do this ……

Yes, we love the hobby and yes we care about all of our customers but we are a business with bills to pay and as such we have to make things fair for all including Utopia Koi.

Now what we need to say at this point is, not all help and advice is equal and at Utopia Koi we pride ourselves on offering accurate honest advice.

Not all companies want to be huge. At Utopia Koi we decided to keep the company a boutique enterprise allowing us to afford a lesser number of good customers the time and service they deserve. We aren’t a pile it high sell it cheap company but rather a company that offers quality and service coupled with competitive, realistic pricing.

We are different and do things differently.

If you imagine that we receive 1 , 2 or even 3 or 4 calls a day from potential customers and each call lasts 30 to 45 minutes in which each person calling wants to discuss all things Koi that they don’t understand. That’s a big chunk of the day gone helping people which we genuinely do like doing but sometimes unfortunately some people have a tendency to take the advice and google the list of products they now understand they need and want to save a finite amount of money on delivery or simply to find a slightly less expensive cost for the products.

At Utopia Koi we are all for fairness so we think that if you’ve taken the time to call us we should be able to help you, but on the same turn as long as we are competitive (not the absolute cheapest necessarily but not twice the price) then fair is fair and really on these grounds that person should be purchasing the items from Utopia Koi having had all the help, time and advice. Stupid we know thinking like that …….. You’ll always get some company that can offer a small saving but 9 times out of 10 that company can’t offer the help and advice. At Utopia Koi we ask you to please support the companies that help you with accurate help and advice not the companies that can’t but offer a very slight cost saving.

We believe accurate help and advice is worth more than a small cost saving.

The Answer To The Conundrum 

Now, we understand that you can’t please all people all of the time but if Utopia Koi can please most of our customers most of the time. Well, we will happily take that.

Our website has been created and designed over many months (2 years actually of blood sweat and lots of tears) with great care and attention taken to all aspects allowing a superb level of service to be offered. There is heaps of informative, accurate information contained within its pages which is all there for self help.

Our website sits at the core of our business.

We believe that building a pond once rather than over and over again is the best solution to saving allot of heart ache, time and money. Very often we talk to people that have built a pond and they aren’t happy with its performance. The water clarity is poor. The fish are ill and they have to spend hours a week trying to clean filters simply to end up becoming hacked off with the hobby and their pond.

Get accurate, honest help and advice. Build it once. Build it right.

Wouldn’t it have been simpler to have access to an honest, informative chat or a chain of emails about the filtration and pond design before you started your pond build or revamp and get the help you need without breaking the bank ? We think so! 

Pond And Pond Equipment Consultancy Service

Utopia Koi is happy to help. At Utopia Koi we offer a consultancy service.

So I hear you say how does that work and that’s a rip off….. We hate to the harp on about how time is money and we love to help but just like you, we have to buy a few cans of beans and a super saver loaf of bread to survive. So back to “how to make this fair for all” including Utopia Koi.

After many a sleepless nigh and lots of thought on the subject we have decided to charge £100 for a consultancy service in which we will spend up to a maximum of 1 hour helping you decide upon the design of your pond and the equipment options available to you within your budget (yes within your budget. we understand that not all ponds are built with the most expensive equipment and compromises have to be made).

This payment is payable upfront but here’s the kicker…. If you then go on to buy £500 worth of equipment inside 6 months of the consultancy payment from Utopia Koi contact us and we will give you back your £100 in the form of Utopia Koi vouchers. £500 inside 6 months when your building or upgrading a Koi pond is easy peasy because unfortunately although the wonderful hobby of Koi and ponds is fantastic, unfortunately it tends to cost a few pounds, shillings and pence.

So to engage with Utopia Koi for our remote consultancy service click here to fill in our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you to sort it all out.

Bingo you’ve Guessed It

Free help, so long as you treat Utopia Koi fairly and purchase the recommended pond products from us. Yes that’s correct our help is then free! Play the game and be fair with us and we are here to help you.

You get accurate, honest help and advice gained by us over decades of building Koi ponds and keeping Koi which in turn will help you get the pond you want and at Utopia Koi we aren’t working for free so we are able to keep the doors open doing what we love. Living and breathing all things Koi and Ponds.

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