The best Ai Goromo Koi in the World. Well that’s a big claim and yes its a bit of tongue and cheek from us but in all honesty this is one of the best Ai Goromo in the world at this time.

Ai Goromo are absolutely stunning but finding high class examples is extremely hard. At Utopia Koi we have been extremely fortunate to have found and purchased this stunning fish which we have owned for the last two years. She has been left in Japan as Azukari to develop.

For those of you new to this variety Koromo / Goromo were produced through the crossing of Kohaku and Asagi. Kohaku, Sanke and Showa.

Goromo are basically a Kohaku with a black or blue edging to the red scales. High quality examples often develop tasteful crescent markings within the beni pattern of the fish creating a very pretty effect. The crescent markings generally develop with the age of the fish and as the crescent markings develop the fish becomes more and more stunning in high quality examples.

Goromo can be split into three sub categories

Ai Goromo : This sub variety have dark blue edging to the red scales only.

Budo Goromo : This Sub variety have tinges of dark blue inside the red scales which creates the appearance of a cluster of grapes.

Sumi Goromo : Have black edging on the red scales and can make the beni pattern appear virtually black.

Regardless of which sub variety of Goromo you prefer or indeed which variety of Koi is your favourite we hope you enjoy the short video of this stunning Ai Goromo we have show cased for you. It’s not often such a beautiful fish becomes available.

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