What We Believe

Utopia Koi was founded through our sheer passion for Nishikigoi which has enveloped us over the past 20 years. We don’t aim to be the biggest but we aim to be the best, offering superior customer service with a select range of Japanese Koi carp along side a superb range of pond equipment that will meet all your requirements.

Utopia Koi is primarily a virtual business set up to operate on the internet inline with modern shopping trends and styles, creating greater flexibility for our customers. Allowing safe, secure shopping at a time that suits them.

Appointments are available via our contact form if you are looking at a specific Koi on our website and would like to view the fish in person prior to purchase but are strictly by appointment only.

If you are interested in making an appointment please contact us several days in advance to to ensure a mutually agreeable date and time can be arranged to save any disappointment.

Shopping Trends

We recognise that shopping trends have changed with the advent of faster internet connections and tablet computers making shopping from your armchair normal and easy. With modern day lives becoming increasingly more and more hectic, the traditional shopping experience of popping down to the high street between the hours of nine thirty and five thirty outdated and unusable.

At Utopia Koi we believe that having a formidable online presence is paramount to our customers new and old alike, giving you the ability to shop when you like and at your convenience.

Our website has been a labour of love and was twenty four months in the making. We had one goal in mind which was to make the Utopia Koi website “Simply beautiful and beautifully simple”.

Great Koi & Equipment At Affordable Prices

Koi Direct From Japan

Our Koi are sourced in Japan and hand selected by us. We do not deal with console stock. Our aim is to select superior quality Koi and sell those Koi to you, our customers at affordable prices. Koi direct from Japan, fully quarantined and delivered to your door.

Pond Equipment

The range of dry goods offered for sale is one of the largest anywhere in the U.K. but believe where possible in helping our customers choose the correct product to suit their requirements and the range of dry goods supplied by Utopia Koi has been selected with care prior to going on sale helping ensure its performers as expected.

Our Pricing

We connect you directly with Koi breeders in Japan offering you superior Japanese Koi carp through a range of prices to suit most budgets. Our pond equipment is chosen with great care prior to being offered for sale ensuring not only are the products well-made but at affordable prices. Our aim is to keep our overheads to a minimum allowing us to offer high quality Japanese Koi carp and products at a cost that represents real value for money.

Uncompromised Quality

We don’t operate from huge premises employing lots of staff all of which cost money and ultimately have to be paid for by you. We reduce middlemen to a minimum where possible and operate with a core team of people that are always willing to help when possible. We’re just a passionate team bringing a new way to buy high quality Japanese Koi carp and all associated products. We cut out the fuss so you can get everything at a price to suit you.

We travel to Japan several times a year to select Nishikigoi we are proud to say we have supplied. Our belief is that all fish we sell should be of superior quality, healthy and fully quarantined in our state of art purpose built facilities. Whenever possible we travel to meet the manufacturers and suppliers of the pond equipment we offer for sale. This ensures we understand the equipment and are able to offer accurate, concise advice.

Peace Of Mind

Fish Health

We take the health of the fish we supply from Japan and sell to our customers very seriously. All fish are fully quarantined over a 4-6 week period in our state of art facility which is operated under a strict bio secure policy. All fish are heat cycled and treated for parasitic and bacterial infestation and finally our koi are tested for khv with antigen tests prior to being offered for sale in pristine health


All of the fish we sell are delivered on a pre noon next day delivery and handled with the utmost of care. We understand that your new Koi is precious.

Dry goods are delivered the next working day once your order has been processed. For more delivery information please see our Delivery Page.

Fuss-Free Returns

We’re sure you will like it, but if not, you can return it to us within three days of delivery for a refund. Please see our Returns Page for full returns information.

Membership & Loyalty

We believe very strongly in good old fashioned customer service. You support us and we’ll support you. That’s fair right?

If you become a regular customer of Utopia Koi we think it’s only fair to give you a little something back in return.

Keep track. Keep informed and as a regular customer you’ll save a little.

For more information on all the wonderful benefits of becoming a member please see our Membership & Loyalty page.

The Utopian Subscription

As a Utopian subscriber you value us as much as we value you. We’re a team and we’ll do our very best to help you through the thick and thin. The highs and lows of the hobby. 

At Utopia Koi we understand that ponds and Koi along with the plethora of filtration types, coupled with the never ending list of water additives and pond gizmos can be a little daunting.

If your new to the hobby sometimes a few quick questions from you coupled with quick and simple accurate answers are all that you need to avoid the heart ache of getting it wrong allowing you to sit back and enjoy the hobby.

As a seasoned, veteran Koi keeper, sometimes it’s nice to be able to have complex conversations about certain aspects of Koi keeping or pond building whilst challenging your ideas with people that are like-minded, pushing those ideas back and forth to improve a certain aspect of your pond or overall water quality.

At Utopia Koi we don’t profess to be the Oracle on all things Koi but we are happy to say we do have a very high level of knowledge and understanding gained over decades of keeping high level Koi and building quality ponds.

  • We’ll show you exclusive content from Japan captured on our amazing cinematography equipment.
  • Gain access to our SOS, “one to one” support service in which we’ll be happy to offer professional help and advise in those times of need to the best of our ability.
  • The “Resource Centre” will be full of accurate articles as a reference source.
  • You’ll receive exclusive special offers on products and services.
  • Members receive an applied discount on their shopping cart at checkout making all those purchases with us, just that little sweeter.
  • Never miss that dream fish ever again! Be at the front of the queue all the time, every time seeing koi as they become available whilst we select them in Japan on one of our many buying trips. 
  • At Utopia Koi we’re human, and just like the next person we love to have a bit of fun from time to time so every now and again we’ll have random competitions with fantastic prizes.
The Utopian. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a club!

For more information on all the wonderful benefits of becoming a Utopian subscription member. Please subscribe now.